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9 min readJun 26, 2023

HEROES is the bounty platform for everyone, and it should be built intuitive enough for anyone to figure out the platform on their own. However, nothing is perfect from the beginning, and there’s a chance some people might find it a bit difficult to navigate on HEROES for the first time.

Therefore, this guide will get everyone familiar with the platform in the minimum time possible. Let’s get into it.

Side note: We always welcome user feedback to help improve the platform. If you have any questions or things you think should be changed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here!

Setting up a profile

A good profile system is crucial for any bounty or freelance platform, as it establishes trust & credibility enhances collaboration, facilitates meaningful connections, as well as helps to assure quality assessment between parties.

On HEROES, users have the option to operate as 2 different entities: “Company” and “Individual

  • A Company profile is for projects, startups, agencies, or any kind of multi-member organization. The system can be leveraged to provide an overview of the organizations, highlight ongoing projects, articulate the skills they seek in bounty hunters, establish their presence, showcase their mission, and connect with a pool of talented professionals ready to tackle their bounties.
  • An Individual profile is for freelancers, professionals, creatives, etc… Bounty hunters from various backgrounds and skill sets can leverage the individual profiles to showcase their talents, skills, and expertise. Whether you are a developer, designer, marketer, writer, or any other professional, the profile system provides you with a dedicated space to present your capabilities to potential bounty creators and collaborators.

Connect NEAR wallet

Built natively on the NEAR blockchain, users are required to have a NEAR wallet to use HEROES.

A NEAR Wallet is a non-custodial wallet where you can store, receive, and send crypto assets on NEAR and interact with the NEAR blockchain simply and securely.

If this is your first time creating a wallet, follow this guide.

We know for first-time web3 users this concept can seem confusing and not very user-friendly. Over time, we will try to implement the latest developments in the field or on NEAR to hide these processes as much as possible so you can have the same experience on traditional platforms! We believe that NEAR has the best tech for mass onboarding & user experience!

If you face any difficulty while creating a wallet, don’t hesitate to ask us in the chat here!

Once your profile & wallet is all set, let’s get into some action!

For Bounty Creator: Create a bounty

Learn how to create a bounty with a minimum effort.

1. On the global page, hit “Create Bounty”

2. First, you will need to determine the most basic info about a bounty:

  • Type: HEROES offers a variety of bounty types to cater to different project requirements. Select the most appropriate option based on the nature of your project. For example, you might choose “Coding/Development” for a software development task, “Design” for a creative design project, or “Marketing” for a marketing campaign.
  • Tags: Tags help categorize and identify the skills and expertise required for your project. Enter keywords or phrases that accurately represent the skills or technologies needed for your bounty. For instance, if your project requires expertise in Rust, Smart contract, or Graphic design, include those tags to attract the right talent.
  • Experience level: This allows you to specify the level of expertise required from the participants. You can choose from options like “Beginner,” “Intermediate,” or “Expert.” Select the appropriate experience level that aligns with your project’s complexity and scope.

3. Next step is to add details to your bounty. Now you will have 2 options: 1 is to fill in all the details from scratch, or the second option is to import the bounty from a Github Issue or a Gitcoin bounty.

  • Title: Name of your bounty
  • Description: The detailed description of your bounty: What is it about? What kind of tasks are involved? Etc… The more detailed it is, the easier it will be for hunters to visualize the work they have to complete!
  • Add attachments: If you have any example of how you want the final result to be like or any in-depth instruction on how the work should be done. It’s a good idea to add it along with the bounty description.
  • Acceptance criteria: Let the bounty hunters know what the criteria are for their work to be approved.
  • Contact: Your contact in case the applicant has questions about the bounty. This is only visible to those who have been accepted to work on the bounty.

4. Moving on, let’s set up the reward for the bounty & some cool additional details!

  • Bounty Price: Select which token you would like to pay & how much. For now, HEROES is supporting USDT.e, USDt, USDC.e, DAI, and wNEAR. More to come!
  • There will be a 10% flat fee for every bounty processed via HEROES!
  • Use KYC verification: Choose whether the applicants of your bounty need to do KYC on HEROES or not.

Consider the nature of your bounty and the level of trust and security you require. Enabling KYC verification is especially beneficial for bounties that involve significant rewards or sensitive project details. It helps maintain a higher level of credibility and safeguards against fraudulent activities.

  • Service DAO: Coming soon
  • Invoicing: A feature that differentiates HEROES & other web3 bounty platforms — bounty creators have the option to receive an auto-generated invoice after the bounty is done, from the bounty takers.

5. Next step, you can choose to add more reviewers to your bounty & decide on the deadline for the bounty.

Once you’ve added a reviewer, this person will have the right to take action on the bounty & help you with choosing the right applicants.

6. Check everything one more time, and then press Confirm!

7. You will be redirected to NEAR wallet to confirm a transaction, hit Approve, and you’re all set!

For Bounty Hunters: Claim & Complete a bounty

Let’s learn how to claim a bounty in under 2 minutes.

Scroll on the global bounty page, and choose the bounty that suits you best.

Hit Express Interest

Choose the most suitable time you think you can finish this bounty & let the bounty creator know why they should choose you!

After that, hit Claim!

You will be redirected to NEAR wallet to confirm a transaction & pay for 1 NEAR. This 1 NEAR is a bond for everyone who wants to claim a bounty, once you get accepted & complete the bounty, this bond will be returned!

Check the Applicant list of the bounty and you’ll see your application there as well as the others who Expressed Interest

You will also get your bond back if the creator Declines you or you Give Up on your claimant.

Once Accepted by the creator, you will be notified to start work on the bounty & the clock will start to count down! This countdown clock is based on your earlier time commitment when Expressing Interest!

Once you’ve finished the bounty, hit the Done button! This will notify the bounty creator to check your work & from there decide to release the rewards if they’re satisfied!

You will be redirected to NEAR Wallet to sign a transaction. Hit Approve and you’re all set!

Your application will be marked as completed, now just wait for the bounty creator to respond, if they Approve your work, the reward is yours! Super easy right?

For Bounty Creator: Choose your applicant & Release the reward

After your bounty is posted, the next step is to accept bounty hunters to work on it.

To check the application status of the bounty, simply navigate to the Applicants tab.

Here you are able to see everyone who is interested in working on the bounty & have the power to Accept or Decline the applicants.

Once Accept or Decline an applicant, you will be redirected to NEAR Wallet, hit Approve and it’s done! The hunter will be notified & start working on the bounty!

For now, only 1 applicant can work on a bounty. We will enable multiple applicants for 1 bounty in the near future!

Once the hunter has completed the job, you will be notified to check on their work. If you’re satisfied with the results, Approve their work, let’s pay the hunter what they deserve!

Sign the transaction & it’s all set! The work is done!


Completing the KYC verification process ensures a secure and trustworthy environment for all participants on the HEROES bounty platform. It demonstrates your commitment to adhering to the platform’s policies and helps maintain the integrity of the community.

However, it is worth noting that KYC on HEROES is optional! Bounty hunters can still complete work & tasks on HEROES as long as the bounty they claim doesn’t require KYC!

To complete KYC process, simply go to KYC Verification under your profile.

Before you start the KYC verification process, make sure you have the necessary documents ready. These typically include a valid government-issued identification document (e.g., passport, driver’s license, or national ID card)

Follow the instructions provided on the KYC verification page to upload the required documents, after going through all the steps, you are good to go!

That’s it, that’s the end of the guide. We hope you have a good time on HEROES! :)

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