Introducing HEROES of the Decentralized Frontier: A Non-Custodial Bounty Marketplace on NEAR

TLDR: HEROES is now live on NEAR Mainnet! Are you a Hero of the Open Web?

3 min readJun 13, 2023

After months of building, connecting & hard working, we are thrilled to announce the Open Beta launch of HEROES — a non-custodial bounty marketplace on NEAR!

HEROES differentiates by revolutionizing task-based payments, ensuring trust, transparency, seamless transactions through its smart contract-based escrow system, and noble features such as: Embedded KYC, an Auto-generated Invoicing system, as well as the option to add additional reviewers & Service DAOs.

Landing its first step on NEAR — the most UX/ Onboarding experience focused blockchain — HEROES aims to become the adopted bounty platform across the Web3 landscape.

Unleashing Your Inner Hero: Building in the Decentralized Frontier

Imagine a universe teeming with heroes. Not the ones donning capes or swinging around skyscrapers, but real heroes. The ones who unleash their creativity, turning nothing into something, and ideas into reality. In this digital world, we’re all adventurers on the infinite landscape of Web 3.0. Armed with the most powerful tool known to mankind — our creativity — we’re changing the universe, one project at a time.

HEROES aims to bring together a vibrant community of talented heroes and forward-thinking organizations, fostering collaboration and unlocking the potential for extraordinary achievements. Whether you are a skilled professional seeking exciting opportunities or an organization looking to tap into a pool of exceptional talent, HEROES is the platform that connects you.

HEROES Open Beta

In this first version of the Open Beta, the following features are available:

  • Claim/Post Bounties
  • Use stablecoins & wNEAR as payment (More to be added)
  • KYC Verification (Bounty creators have the freedom to enable/disable this)
  • Generate Invoices on successful bounties

Simplified User Experience, Streamlined Workflows

At HEROES, we believe that user experience is of paramount importance. We have designed our platform with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind, ensuring that both bounty creators and hunters can easily navigate the ecosystem.

For bounty creators, our user-friendly interface allows you to create bounties effortlessly. Define the scope, requirements, and reward structures with clarity and precision.

Overview of the bounty creation process

For bounty hunters, HEROES offers a seamless experience to discover and participate in bounties aligned with your skills and interests. Browse through a diverse range of opportunities spanning various industries and disciplines. Submit your work, track your progress, and receive rewards directly to your NEAR wallet.

What’s next?

The team is working tirelessly to deliver the next features on HEROES as soon as possible. We want these upcoming features to be truly useful for both creators and hunters and they find it useful in their workflow.

HEROES’s dedication to user experience remains a top priority. We are continuously refining our platform’s interface and incorporating user feedback to guarantee seamless navigation, and streamlined workflows, ensuring users have a good time using the platform, even if they’re new to Web3.

Finally, we also have been communicating back and forth with multiple partners in the ecosystem (NDC, DevHub, etc..) as well as multiple freelance communities. An influx of bounties & newcomers in various types & industries is expected!

Come try out HEROES today and let us know what you think!

Join the Open Web movement! Unleashing Your Inner HERO!


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